Your Fort Lauderdale home is one of the most important investments you have, and maintaining it is an important part of preserving its value. Did you know that one of the most important aspects of home maintenance is roof cleaning?

If you notice those black streaks on your roof, your roof needs to be cleaned. Those black streaks are a form of algae, and rain spreads the algae down, causing those black streaks. If you do not clean your roof, the algae will cause your roof shingles to deteriorate. Black algae also causes more heat to be absorbed from the sun, which increases your energy costs.

Roof cleaning involves chemicals, cleaning equipment, and a slippery, wet roof which can be extremely dangerous. Roof cleaning should only be done by a qualified and licensed Fort Lauderdale roof cleaning expert.

Our roof cleaning process will not cause damage to your roof, and your roof will stay clean and algae-free for up to two years. Roof cleaning will add value, make your home’s exterior look nicer, and protect your roof from any possible leaks or further deterioration. Call today for a free quote and consultation.

Our Roof Cleaning Provides These Detailed Services

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning Business
  • Roof Cleaning Products
  • Roof Cleaning Services
  • Roof Pressure Cleaning
  • Metal Roof Cleaning
  • Shingle Roof Cleaning
  • Cleaning Gutters
  • Slate Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning Solution
  • Roof Cleaning Chemicals
  • Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Workers Compensation Code 5551

Did you know that if someone gets hurt while working on your roof, you could be held responsible for their injuries and resulting medical bills? A simple accident, which can happen so easily on a roof, can turn into a pile of medical bills that you need to pay. Before you hire a repair, service or cleaning company to work on the roof of your Florida home, make sure you know about Compensation Code 5551. This worker’s comp code is designed to protect high-risk workers, such as those working on your roof, so if they are injured they are covered by their worker’s compensation insurance and you aren’t held responsible. Make sure the company that you hire has Compensation Code 5551 on their insurance policy and that their employees are completely protected before they get to work on your roof.